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Jenna Zabrosky ERYT200 is a San Diego based yoga instructor, trained and certified in vinyasa, hatha, and restorative yoga, as well as mindfulness practices. Her creative, accssessible vinyasa classes challenge students to develop their asana practice, through skillful alignment cues and adjustments.  She creates an environment where both beginning and experienced students feel free to explore the boundaries of their practice without feeling intimidated.  Jenna encourages students to see yoga as a tool for empowering and changing their lives, not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well.  Jenna first came across yoga in 1999, just after high school.  After being a competitive springboard diver, yoga seemed like a way to keep her body flexible and strong. Yoga's influence made an immediate and profound impact in her life, and continues to do so today. After a decade and a half of practice, Jenna decided to share yoga's life changing effects by completing the 200 hour RYT comprehensive yoga teacher training program at La Jolla Yoga Center. Over time she has crafted her classes to make each a refreshing and new experience, with creative sequencing, yummy adjustments, and fresh playlists. Jenna's unique yoga philosophies, as well as her studio and private practice availability, can be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.  

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As a private practitioner Jenna has enriched my life with her personal yoga instruction. More specially, she brings a blend of personal warmth and professional instruction that creates a balance not often experienced with other yoga practitioners. I always feel emotionally, spiritually and physically strengthened after each session.
— John Miller
I moved here from a small town that had no yoga studio. My practice was inconsistent and limited to what I could get from videos accessed through DVDs or online subscriptions. I decided to try yoga in a class setting and went to several different studios and practiced with several different instructors before taking one of Jenna’s classes.
Wow. From the first class, I appreciated Jenna’s ability to draw attention inward and encourage mindfulness while simultaneously awakening the body through yoga poses. I float out of each of her classes feeling mentally, spiritually and physically polished.
After a couple of months of more consistent practices with Jenna, I felt it was time to have a one-on-one session with her. My initial intention was to have a single private session with a goal of focusing on proper form of each pose, since my initial learning came from video instruction. I instead booked several private sessions and gave Jenna a laundry list of several “stretch” goals I wanted to accomplish in five sessions or less.
Jenna’s incredible instruction helped me not only accomplish EVERY. SINGLE. GOAL. I entered the sessions with, but also some I didn’t! From arm balances to handstands, she expertly guided me through each. Jenna was immediately and keenly aware of my limitations and knew just how to prepare and strengthen me to go beyond those limitations.
I approach yoga today as a necessary part of my everyday life and attribute much of the pleasure and confidence gained to Jenna’s delicate-while-simultaneously-challenging approach to instruction.
Thank you and namaste, Jenna.

— Dirk Harris
Jenna is absolutely the best. She makes yoga asana and philosophy both accessible for the beginner and challenging for the more advanced practitioner. I feel blessed to have her in our lives.
— Mollie C.
Jenna is a superb instructor. She takes the time to understand your goals and delivers a plan that puts you in position to succeed. Her best quality is the focus she brings every session. She is truly present...her mind isn’t wondering...she is focused on delivering the best possible client experience.
— Gregg S.
As a brand new yogi, I quickly learned how essential it is to have teachers who truly know how to properly guide their students through movement with the breath. I first tried yoga a few years ago at a corporate gym, and I never felt truly confident in my abilities, so I quit. Six months ago, I tried again at a new studio, and it was teachers like Jenna who helped me easily build confidence in my practice. Jenna’s classes are always centered around how each movement coincides with the breath, and for me, learning proper breathing technique is the best way to advance your practice! Jenna is welcoming, incredibly knowledgeable, and continues to make improvements in her own practice, which I personally think is the best quality any teacher in any field can have.
— Elise B.
Jenna is one of the most consistently happy and fun teacher’s I’ve had. She’s gifted in her ability to optimistically and playfully encourage you to your next level. She seems to always have some new, exciting sequence that’s fun for advanced practitioners yet can accommodate beginners. In her classes you grow through inspiration rather than motivation. Her vibe is welcoming, yet she is also focused and committed. She’s a wonderful teacher. I’m happy to have found her.
— Kevin H.
Jenna is always such a great teacher, I have done yoga for many years and I am always happy when I take her class. She even let me record one of her live classes to take with me abroad so I would still get my Yoga in. Go with Jenna’s class if you’re looking for a solid teacher who brings a great vibe and energy to all of her classes time after time, along with strength-building as a bonus!
— Aja L.
Jenna provides a well-rounded yoga flow and offers challenges for advanced students. She promotes ways to balance the mind, body, and breath during the poses. Always ending her session with words of wisdom, Jenna’s energy stays with students all day.
— Penny W.
Having private lessons with Jenna is the best!
The one on one attention with such an amazing instructor really help bring your yoga practice to a new level.
Jenna is also really good at helping with your unique body issues with the poses.
— Chris C.