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Exclusive offer for Beaming La Jolla customers.  

Practicing yoga privately is the best way to see results in a short amount of time.  All sessions are alignment based, breath-centered yoga posture practices, adapted to your level of experience, fitness, and interests.  Jenna Zabrosky is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and is based out of La Jolla, Ca.  You can catch her public classes at Buddhi Yoga, which is right up the block from Beaming La Jolla.  Learn more about Jenna in her bio.  

What to expect from a session: 

  • One-on-one attention
  • Customized yoga sequence specifically designed to meet your unique needs
  • Learn and practice asana and breathing techniques at your own pace
  • Learn proper alignment for YOUR body, we are not all built the same, poses might look a little different for each individual
  • injury prevention and recovery 
  • Receive hands on adjustments to ensure proper alignment and maximize the benefits of each asana 
  • Schedule sessions to fit your busy lifestyle
  • Available at your home, office and or mutually agreed upon location, such as a yoga studio(client may be responsible for studio rental fees)

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Hear what one of  Jenna's valued clients has to say:

I moved here from a small town that had no yoga studio. My practice was inconsistent and limited to what I could get from videos accessed through DVDs or online subscriptions. I decided to try yoga in a class setting and went to several different studios and practiced with several different instructors before taking one of Jenna’s classes.
Wow. From the first class, I appreciated Jenna’s ability to draw attention inward and encourage mindfulness while simultaneously awakening the body through yoga poses. I float out of each of her classes feeling mentally, spiritually and physically polished.
After a couple of months of more consistent practices with Jenna, I felt it was time to have a one-on-one session with her. My initial intention was to have a single private session with a goal of focusing on proper form of each pose, since my initial learning came from video instruction. I instead booked several private sessions and gave Jenna a laundry list of several “stretch” goals I wanted to accomplish in five sessions or less.
Jenna’s incredible instruction helped me not only accomplish EVERY. SINGLE. GOAL. I entered the sessions with, but also some I didn’t! From arm balances to handstands, she expertly guided me through each. Jenna was immediately and keenly aware of my limitations and knew just how to prepare and strengthen me to go beyond those limitations.
I approach yoga today as a necessary part of my everyday life and attribute much of the pleasure and confidence gained to Jenna’s delicate-while-simultaneously-challenging approach to instruction.
Thank you and namaste, Jenna.
— Dirk Harris