"I started on my yoga journey 16 years ago, just after high school. Growing up I was always drawn to movement based activities, that allowed me to contort my body in interesting ways. My sister and I spent hours tumbling, jumping on the trampoline and diving in our pool. Soon, I became far too tall to pursue my dream of being an olympic gymnast, and I had to move on to the the water. I joined the high school diving team and competed all four years.  When high school ended I was looking for the next way that I could still  be active and still explore movement. What I found was far more than I could have ever expected.  I still clearly remember the first yoga class. I thought it was great being able to do handstands and back bends. When it was time to chant "OM" I giggled and tried to hold back laughing outloud. I now think it is one of the most beautiful sounds. Hearing everyone in the room connect and send out loving energy into the world is magical. My yoga practice is night and day from when I started. What started as a physical practice, has now transformed into a way of life. The effects of yoga have had a profound impact on my life. I want to share that with as many people as possible to help everyone get the most from this life changing practice." -Jenna Zabrosky


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